swimming pool at Siusi Hotel Genziana
sauna at Siusi allo Sciliar Hotel Genziana
garden in the Hotel Genziana South Tyrol
Angels at the Genziana Bolzano South Tyrol
steam sauna in Siusi allo Sciliar South Tyrol

„Alpine“ Beauty & Wellness

...take a break from everyday life.

Immerse yourself

...into our indoor swimming pool with mountain water of 30° C after an exhausting day or forget daily life while enjoying an aromatic or a classical Finnish sauna bath. Refresh yourself at the ice fountain or enjoy yourself in the relax room, which can become an unforgettable moment thanks to the marvellous view of the romantically snow-covered Santner peak and of our park.


Our „Dolce Vita“ beauty department awaits you with a rich offer.

Finnish sauna in the Hotel Genziana in South Tirol, Siusi


Regenerate your skin during a relaxing peeling of your choice and take a break from everyday life with products from our home country.


Loosen your muscles and relax body and soul during a massage of your choice.


Care your skin during relaxing packages in our floating water bed or regenerate your body with selected natural healing products (hay, mud, algae, ...).

Stars over the indoor swimming pool, Hotel Genziana, South Tirol, Italy

Facial treatments:

Forget the stress of daily life and leave your cares behind during a relaxing skin cleansing and care that is individually adjusted to your skin type.

Hands and feet

...should not be neglected during your holiday. Our varied offer includes manicure, pedicure as well as hair removal.

Solarium & hay treatment


A balanced mix of UVA and UVB rays guarantees a healthy suntan and favours the production of vitamin D. Enjoy sunshine every day.

Hay treatment, Hotel Genziana, Siusi allo Sciliar

Hay treatment:

The hay treatment is an Alpine tradition and mainly serves for warming your body. The warmth and heat resulting from this treatment has got a very relaxing and regenerating effect on your body and looses tensions. South Tyrol’s insider tip against tight back muscles!

ALPINE Wellness & Spa

From our Dolce Vita beauty department

Treatments and prices

Hair removal

  • From the lower leg to the knee
  • Whole leg
  • Bikini line / armpit
  • Upper lip
  • Arms
  • Back/chest for men

Hands and feet

  • Pedicure with foot bath and foot massage
  • Manicure with hand massage
  • Manicure with hand massage and paraffin bath
  • Nail polish

Cosmetic treatments

  • Germaine de Capuccini for men – C-Plus Energy
    Exclusive, professional programme to fight against the imbalance of male skin caused by skin fatigue.
    C-Plus Energy acts against the signs of aging and helps in case of decreasing firmness and radiance. It restores the vitality the skin needs and prevents damages due to environmental influences, fatigue and stress.
  • Pure T-Skin – A balancing programme for oily skin. This treatment with a specific method restores the balance of the skin and gives a matt and healthy complexion. It removes remaining skin and dead cells and thus supports the skin’s cellular renewal and deep cleansing. It has a soothing effect and makes your skin fresh and relaxed.
  • Strategist Refine – A treatment that “renews” your skin
    It visibly reduces little skin blemishes and minimizes enlarged pores, scars, flecks and wrinkles. The skin texture becomes smooth and the complexion gets even and radiant.
  • Excel Therapy O² - An „intelligent“ way to fight the passage of time
    Too little sleep – stress – environmental pollution. From this moment, your skin needs urgent help day and night to defend itself from harmful external influences and the signs of aging. This programme fights the signs of aging, stimulates self-regulation for a beautiful and healthy skin, enhances the wellbeing and gives luminance and vitality.
  • Anti-Age Time Expert – An avant-garde, carefully designed cosmetic care for facial wrinkles
    An exclusive complex by Germaine de Capuccini for a revolutionary impact against facial wrinkles and especially expression lines. It neutralizes the traces on the skin caused by unconscious facial movements. Furthermore, it fills up and removes lines and wrinkles.

Time Expert eye treatment

  • Time Expert – Special programme for eye contours, lines and wrinkles
    Smiling, blinking and constant squinting – they all leave traces on our skin. Thanks to the innovative action of the Micro-Dermoxine Complex you can get best results in record time. A moment of relaxation that changes your eyes and conceals little blemishes.

Additional cosmetic treatments:

  • Eyelash dying
  • Eyebrow dying
  • Eyelash and eyebrow dying
  • Eyebrow plucking


  • The classic full body massage helps to loosen tensions. It stimulates the circulation and increases the wellbeing.
  • The leg and foot massage is a very efficient method to relax and to free yourself from stress.
  • During the back massage the shoulders and the neck area are loosened with the help of special massage techniques for a better circulation of problem areas.
  • The anti-cellulite massage is a detoxifying and draining massage that stimulates the circulation and has a tightening effect.
  • Relieve your stress during a relaxing massage.
  • The aroma oil massage is a beneficial, soothing massage with essential oils.
  • Thres mountain pine massage – The soft, velvet oil activates and has a toning and nourishing effect.
  • Vitalis Resonanz Massage Dorsalis – The demanding back programme loosens back muscle tensions and increases the dynamics of the spine.
  • Vitalis Resonanz Massage Abdome – This holistic abdominal lifting program decongests the abdomen and acts against constipation thanks to slight stimulation.
  • Vitalis Resonanz Massage Cellulite – A unique method for the long-term alleviation of the signs of cellulite. It is highly efficient thanks to a revitalising foot bath, a body peeling, an algae bath, a cupping glass treatment and a modulated anti-cellulite massage.
  • The facial massage with active agent ampoule immediately relaxes the skin and gives a smooth complexion.

For the body


  • Mountain pine peeling: The finely ground mountain pine particles cleanse the skin. This helps to stimulate the circulation and to boost cellular activity.
  • Hay peeling: The hay peeling enriched with fine pink mountain salt deeply cleanses the skin and leaves it looking brighter and more radiant.
  • A peeling with mountain salt and essential oils is an adequate and relaxing body peeling. Fine essential oils enriched with mountain salt turn this peeling into a real experience.
  • The „hay oven“ is thought for the back and neck area. Enjoy our South Tyrolean tradition.

Body packs in the soft pack lounger

  • The fango pack is very recommended for patients with rheumatism. It helps to loosen muscles and is pain-relieving.
  • Healing chalk from Rügen especially soothes itchy skin and is anti-inflammatory.
  • The pumpkin seed pack is ideal to detoxify and has a very draining effect.
  • The goat butter bath with evening primrose oil supports cellular renewal and is moisturizing.
  • Rose petal cream bath: It is soothing and relaxing and thus a blessing for dry skin. It immediately creates a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.
  • Aroma petal bath: It gently nurtures the skin thanks to precious oils.
  • Hay bath: Breathe in nature with the hay from Alpe di Siusi. It very positively impacts respiratory diseases and muscle tension.
  • The beer bath is a bath that stimulates the metabolism.
  • The wine marc bath has a strong peeling effect.

Orchidea Alpina programme

  • This special Orchidea peeling revitalizes and revives the skin. Afterwards, you can enjoy an Orchidea body pack of 25 minutes in the soft pack lounger and a relaxing massage that supplies the skin with high-quality active agents.


Gentle and soft

  • Lemon-honey-peeling
  • Nourishing honey bath
  • Full body massage

A skin like velvet and silk

  • Mountain pine peeling
  • Rose petal cream bath
  • Full body massage
  • Facial massage